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Frequently asked questions

XP ? Level ? What is that all that about ?

Everytime you view a picture you have not viewed previously, you gain an experience point also called "XP". At certain points, you will reach a milestone called "level" which will unlock more and more pictures. Don't worry, everytime you level up you will be noticed so you cannot miss it.

Everytime i come back, i have lost all my XP... Why ?

In order yo keep your XP, you have to create an account. Click here if you want to create one now.

I can't see any pictures... i only see a crying woman.

That mean that you probably have an addon to block advertising or a modified hostfile. If you use Adblock please take a look here to learn how to pause or exclude our website from the blocking.

What are those achievements ?

Achievements are goal that you might want to reach to get precious keys and trophies.

I have keys, what are they used for ?

Keys are used to permanently unlock pictures even of you don't have the required level. Keys are precious, use them wisely.

I have trophies what are they used for ?

They are your pride ! You can brag about them :)